How To Take Burger King Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Mybkexperience | Take Burger King Survey or My BK Experience Survey to Win FREE Whoppers, BK Coupons, and Chicken Sandwich |

Burger King Survey / Mybkexperience ( Take Burger King Survey or My BK Experience Survey using to win free whoppers so take part in burger king survey at to Win FREE Whoppers, BK Coupons, and Chicken Sandwich

Burger King was renamed in 1954 after InstaBurger King ( Founded in 1953, by Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns) when David Edgerton and James McLamore purchased it. Since then it’s renowned as best global hamburger fast food chain in America. This fast food chain has 12,000 stores in about 73 countries.


Burger King Survey |

Today, we will cover how you can take Burger King Survey at in our blog post, right now we are offering 3 type of guides for burger king survey. In the First Guide, we will suggest quick steps that you have to take if you are willing to do this survey.  The Second Guide includes step by step procedure to take this survey from start to end with the help of images and at the end of this post, you will find our Third Guide which includes a video tutorial for My BK Survey.

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MyBKExperience: Necessary Requisites

  • Latest BK Receipt.
  • Internet connection.
  • Tablet/PC/Laptop or Mobile.

Quick Guide For Burger King Survey

  • Go to burger king feedback survey site is open survey by clicking here.
  • Enter initiatives mentioned on your receipt and start the survey.
  • Rate your experience at bk survey.
  • In end, you will get a validation code.
  • Redeem it on your next visit at burger king store.

Step by Step Guide for MyBKExperience Survey

  • Go to burger king feedback survey by clicking here.
  • At first, you’re requested to provide bk experience code, date and time to start the survey.


  • Then, you’re asked to state the type of order of your particular burger king store like either it’s a Dine-in or carry-out.
  • Further, you’re required to state the number of people you were, during your last visit.
  • State in Yes/No, If you’ve given an order for a child who is not 12 years old yet.
  • You’re appealed to rate your overall satisfaction with your recent bk store experience.
  • Next, You’re appealed to rate for your contentment with cordial cooperation of burger king’s employee who received your order, coordination of staff, the outlook of restaurant workers, freshness of your ordered meal and your ease while placing the order.
  • Similarly, your contentment rate with temperature, service, quality, and taste of food is requested along with the atmosphere of the restaurant is considered, to contemplate your satisfaction level.
  • Customers budget is always important, therefore, you’re asked to rate your comfort with the purchase value of your order.
  • Likely, you’re questioned to standardize your complacency with BK French fries, sandwich, soft drink or dessert, if you’d ordered any of.
  • Further, if you had faced any problem during your recent visit to any bk outlet, your opinion is scrutinized by Burger King through this survey.
  • Based on your specific burger king experience, your likelihood is considered, either you’ll recommend it or will visit it again in a possible duration of at least one month.
  • Your agreement or disagreement for some of the basic queries are conceded like were you honored like a guest should be and will you be willing to go with bk customer satisfaction survey every time you visit a BK store.
  • Then, your satisfaction with experience at Burger King is precisely articulated in the maximum count of 1200, allowing you to be as specific as you would like to brief, regarding your latest visit.
  • Kroger Thank-you for giving your time to survey, you’re requested to answer some of more queries like did you customize your sandwich, did your order taker suggested you that go with additionals, did staff welcomed you with please and thank-you gestures, did you received everything you ordered and received a greeting when you left?
  • Then your orders of past month, from Burger King and Quick Service Restaurant are enumerated.
  • The best reason you’ll define for your visit to Burger King will be considered next.
  • You’re asked to mention the Fast Food Restaurant you mostly like to order from.
  • Then, general classification details are taken into account through burger king customer satisfaction survey.
  • In order to comply with customers satisfaction of particular region, your postal/zip code is requested and if you’re not willing to state it confidentially, you can click on next button.
  • In end, You’re given a satisfaction code. Write the code on your receipt, you’re given during the last visit & redeem it on your next visit to BK store.

Video Tutorial for Burger King Survey

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About Burger King

Burger King offers a vast range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner to its food lover customers. It gives its customers quality meals served with exquisite taste and wrapped with the texture of love to provide them with the consummate amusing environment.

Burger King Contact Details

Glasgow, UK : +44 141 353 2272 ( Opens at 9:00 AM )

London, UK : +44 20 8810 1557 ( Opens at 9:00 AM )

London, UK : +44 20 8838 0445 ( Opens at 10:00 AM )

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If you like our post please share your feedback with us in the comment section. If you have any question or issue regarding burger king survey site that you are taking at please let us know or you can directly call them for official support.

  1. Bruce Holliday says

    This is the hardest survey to get onto and putting store numbers in is confusing which number it is and when you find it, The survey won’t take it, makes very frustrating and all I want is to come back and enjoy a Wonderful .

  2. steve 617-750-1356 says

    I did a survey and submitted it several days ago and as of today,
    september 26, 2017, I haven’t heard from you. I told of a disturbing incident that happened in the South Boston store—3338; and the way the manager handled the almost fight that was going to happen; with patrons and children in the store. This situation needs to be verbal. I left my telephone with the last survey; so I do again—-617-750-1356 Thank You

  3. steve 617-750-1356 says

    Nice Guide

  4. James Johnson says

    Hi my time at BK today it was good but it needs employees who can speck English very good and also French and I got my food on time

  5. Raymond Barlow says

    bunch of bull, i could not take the survey because it would not let me enter any info it says they collected all the data for this period

    1. Shahid says

      Please try now they have fix that bug

  6. Rudy Ochoa Jr. says


    1. Shahid says

      Thanks for your feedback, Rudy!

  7. sheila says

    could not do the survey as it said it has collected all the data for this survey. We went to the store at Weston Rd and Finch location store # 03187 we purchased a whopper combo, Bacon King, with large onion rings, and a md strawberry shake. All food was good but fries and onion rings not hot / fresh. My voucher code number #366
    We would have had a better experience if the teenagers that were in the store (out of the 17 kids) only 3 bought something – I am guessing this is the usual hangout because there were no straws at drink machine, no little cups for the ketchup and no salt – you had to ask for it at the counter. The Teenagers were Loud and Rowdy (I think the manager was afraid) to say anything to them. (Most of them being black) but something should be done about this crowd that hangs out there. As I will not be returning to this location. It was not a pleasant dinner atmosphere. I was worried that a fight would break out and possibly guns or knives would be used.

  8. Reginald Bailey says

    Taking the survey was a big waste of time.
    First of all it tells you put the store number in,on the receipt there a lot numbers but it doesn’t tell you which one belongs to the store.anyway the survey is a bunch of bull!

  9. Mary says

    Always a good meal from BK!

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